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"An interesting strategy title with engaging and addictive gameplay." -, in the rejection email they sent me

Alchemy is a single-player military strategy game. You control a nation that starts out with only a smattering of resources, used to design and build units called golems.

Golems are your path to survival in this hostile, unique and completely random world. Use your golems to mine for more resources, explore the map, fight wars, and dig entire oceans.


The resources you use on each golem determines its strength and ability. Whenever you build a new golem, a menu screen pulls up that allows you to specify how much of each resource you want to spend on your new unit. You can build a bunch of small, cheap soldiers, or you could build a couple monsterous, expensive golems. Each golem must contain between 5 and 99 total resources.

Currently there are 7 resources that can be mined and used in Alchemy. More may be added in future versions.

New Golem Menu

More information is available on the "For Nerds" page, and detailed instructions (about controls, etc.) are included with the game.