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And that's it! The operating system does not matter, so long as it supports Java. The game has relatively low cpu usage, so long as your machine isn't ancient you shouldn't run into many problems with lag. Unzip the .zip file that downloads and double-click the .jar file to play.

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I made Alchemy when I was 16, and I haven't updated it since. It's playable, but you're going to find some interesting bugs.

Source Code (most recent update)

These are all the .java files that make up the code of the game. This was my first big programming project, so please forgive my many bad practices. Alchemy is under a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Creative Commons license - that means that you can do whatever you want with this source code, just don't sell it and clearly note that you got the code from this site. If you make a cool Alchemy mod, email me and let me know! I'd love to play it, and maybe I'll even make a link to it from this page!

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